Stellar Eats was born to create healthy eats that taste like treats. We don’t believe that choosing healthy foods should mean restricting the things you love, and we’re SO over health food that taste like cardboard. We’re done with brands that try to make us feel insecure so we’ll buy into their diets. We’d rather recount fond memories with food than calories. 

Our all-female team noticed that from a young age, we were inundated with damaging messages that told us the purpose of eating nourishing foods was to look a certain way. Our moral code is that we will never capitalize on insecurities to sell something. That’s why we don’t use words like “guilt-free”, “low calorie”, “skinny” etc. to tell you there is a right or wrong way to eat. We’re not here to make you feel bad for eating your favourite foods. We think healthy eating should be easy, enjoyable, and empowering.

We want you to enjoy your favourite foods like pizza, cookies, cakes, and brownies made with real-food ingredients that your body will thrive on. We created these products to help give more people the feeling of confidence in the kitchen. We want to empower you at home to have fun while cooking, create awesome memories with those you love, and feel great while doing it. That’s what we mean when we say we are not a “diet brand.”


Stella is a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP), Recipe Developer and Writer behind the popular wellness blog Stellar Health and founder of Stellar Eats. Prior to entering the wellness world, she struggled with disordered eating for many years. Now, the driving force between all of her entrepreneurial endeavours is to help people cultivate a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

She wants people to understand that nourishing foods can be delicious and that wellness does not have to mean sacrifice or restriction. This mission-driven ambition is shared by her partners, Michelle and Emma and she is so grateful to have two strong women to work alongside with on this Stellar Eats journey.


Emma is a self-taught cook, writer and recipe developer with a deep appreciation for the healing properties of food and the profound positive effects that real, whole foods can have on the body. After studying management at McGill, she worked in marketing and sales before deciding to pursue her creative passions full-time. She's worked both in the kitchen and on the brand side for food companies, in addition to doing freelance writing, recipe development and photography.

Emma's mission is to show people that healthy, delicious food should not be boring or inaccessible, and is thrilled to join Stella and Michelle to work towards this mission.


Michelle has a sweet spot for start-ups. Her most notable achievement was co-founding Koru Distribution, an innovative company that connected International brands with retailers in Canada, among them the infamous S'well bottle. She is excited to bring her passion for launching brands to the Stellar Eats Baking Mixes.

Ever since becoming a mom, she has been on the hunt for healthy treats to feed her son – surprisingly, it’s very hard to find food products with ingredients she can get behind. Once she tried a cookie she was hooked! These treats have even gotten the stamp of approval from her sweet one-and-a-half-year-old, Palmer. Perfect for mom AND baby!

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1% of every Stellar Eats purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
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